The event that was to be the “Champion of Champions” was renamed the “Queensland Festival” for 2021.

The Champion of Champions Championship is the most prestigious National Championship in Australia and it was decided that it would not be fair if all eligible national and international dancers were unable to attend due to the volatile nature of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The SQRCHDI decided to host an alternative event called the “Queensland Festival” which incorporated the Queensland Championships and supporting events.

A copy of the event schedule can be found here:


The dates were to remain the same along with the previously selected venue, the Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Centre.

Event Venue

The Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Centre is an amazing multi-purpose arena and sports facility located at Carrara on Queensland’s Gold Coast in Australia and is capable of seating 5,000 fans.

The Queensland Festival occupied a vast majority of the indoor arena areas and had in exess of 200 dancers attending the event over the course of the weekend.

A huge thank you to the Gold Coast City Council for allowing access to the facility in these difficult times and working with us to help put on a suitable event.


Despite the complications arising from the COVID19 pandemic, the Queensland Festival managed to attract dancers from SQ, FNQ, NSW, VIC, SA, WA and Tasmania!

Thank you to all who made the effort to attend.

Championship Results

Results of the Queensland Highland Dancing Championships held at Carrara (Gold Coast Qld) on Saturday 10th April 2021 were as follows:

7-11 years
1st Lillie Neuendorf (SQ)
2nd Ellie Murgha (FNQ)
3rd Grace Cameron (VIC)
4th Lily Rakete (VIC)
5th Gabrielle Golden (NSW)
6th Macy MacDonald (VIC)

12-13 years
1st Alice Gill (VIC)
2nd Milla Palfrey (SQ)
3rd Natasha Golden (NSW)
4th Lissadel Burgress (SQ)
5th Matilda Rowe (FNQ)
6th Evie MacDonald (VIC)

14-15 years
1st Abbie Palfrey (SQ)
2nd Hailee Pearce (SA)
3rd Lucy Lee (SQ)
4th Cailey Finalyson (VIC)
5th Lara Seager (TAS)
6th McKenzie Evered (VIC)

16-18 years
1st Cyan Macleod (VIC)
2nd Macey Bennett (FNQ)
3rd Phoebe Clark (VIC)
4th Ebony McDonald (FNQ)
5th Abbey Freeborn (SA)
6th Tully Stone (SQ)

19-22 years
1st Elizabeth Mulvaney(VIC)
2nd Isabella Clark (VIC)
3rd Kelsie Clarke (NSW)
4th Steffany Treadwell (NSW)
5th Hannah Hughes (SQ)
6th Amelia Ng (SQ)

23 years & over
1st Hamish McInnes (SQ)
2nd Victoria Goode (SQ)
3rd Caitlin Reid (SQ)
4th Kate Logan (SQ)
5th Mhairi Gorman (SQ)
6th Grace Gillett (VIC)

Well done to everyone that competed and placed in both the Championship and all of the associated events from the wee Primary dancers all the way through to the 23 & over Premiers.

With Thanks

The SQRCHDI would like to thank all organisers, volunteers, helpers, adjudicators, GCCC, families, supporters and, of course, the dancers, for being part of the amazing event that was the Queensland Festival 2021.

Your dedication, support and passion for all things Highland Dance is something to behold and this event wouldn’t have been possible without you all.

What’s next?

The Moreton Bay Championships, Scottish National Dance Premierships & Pre-Championships in conjunction with Scotia Titles & Competition is taking place on Saturday 15th May and Sunday 16th May 2021.

For further information, please refer to the full schedule which can be found here:

Moreton Bay Championships and associated events

If you need further information regarding the event or queries about entering, please contact the event organiser, Felicity Gollan.

We look forward to seeing you there!

SQRCHDI Executive Committe