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SQRCHDI Registration Requirements

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Please be aware of the increase in the Dancer registration and levy for 2024.


Registration Form


Registration Form


Registration Form


Registration Form


Registration Form

Dancer Transfer Form

The procedure in relation to the Dancer Transfer Form


  • Out of courtesy, the parent/guardian/over 18 years dancer should advise the previous teacher of their intention of changing studios. If the split is not amicable, then this may not occur.
  • If the previous teacher has not been advised, the new teacher should contact the previous teacher to advise of the change of teacher.
  • The form is completed and then signed by the new teacher.
  • The form is submitted to either the previous teacher or the Dancer Registrar to obtain the previous teacher’s signature.
  • It is up to the previous teacher whether or not they wish to sign the form.

Clarification of rule for Beginners, Novice and Intermediate dancers

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